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Azalea Elementary School   Home of The Eagles

Azalea Mandatory Uniform Policy
Uniforms can be purchased at Wal-Mart or, Target or, J.C. Penney or, Kmart or, Old Navy or,and other various clothing suppliers.
* White, Navy, Black, or Powder Blue (Azalea T-shirts on Fridays)
* Polo type ONLY (knit)
* Collared and sleeved(no frills or scalloped edges)
* 3 to 4 buttons or no more than 7” zipper
* No logos
* Shirts TUCKED IN at all times
* Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Capri, Skorts, and Jumpers – Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki
* No jeans or jean styles (no square pockets in rear)
* No spandex
* No fleece (sweat pants)
* No “hip huggers”
* Fitted and neat and not worn below underwear
* Shorts, shirts, jumpers, and skorts must be long enough to go below finger line. No cutoffs,frayed or torn bottoms.

Uniform Dresses in Powder Blue, Navy, or Black (No frills, sequins, lace, logo)
Shoes & Socks
*SNEAKERS/tennis shoes ONLY (we highly discourage light up shoes)
*Socks – Solid colors -white, powder blue, navy, black
*Tights- SOLID Color white, powder blue, navy, black, NO patterns of any kind
*Belts are optional but if worn they must be black, brown, navy, or khaki with a small buckle
*No colored hair, distracting hair styles or bows
Visible Winter Wear
* White, light blue, black or navy undershirts ONLY
* Powder Blue, White, black, or Navy ONLY sweaters and non-hooded sweatshirts allowed in the buildings (no visible logos)
* White, light blue, black, or navy turtlenecks ONLY allowed under uniform shirt
* Winter coats allowed ONLY outside

Students who wear Nonuniform sweater or jacket colors to school must remove them when they enter ANY classroom. If a classroom is excessively cold students may wear their sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets.

Students coming to school out of uniform will be sent to the office and the parent will be called to bring in uniform clothes. If any family is in need of uniforms, please send in a note to the classroom teacher or call and ask for our social worker, Stacy Whitacre, and we will be happy to assist if we have uniforms that fit. Our social worker can also give a referral to Clothes for Kids to get a weeks worth of uniforms, a pair of shoes, some socks and underwear.

Consequences can be assessed for noncompliance. Any child coming to office on their own for a loaner will not be assessed a consequence. Consequences can include calling home for uniforms before being allowed into class and/or mandatory parent conference.
Non Uniform Days
* Individual Picture day(s)
* Friday is Azalea T-shirt day
* Club day is Thursday including Chorus
* Gifted shirts on gifted day
• Enterprise Village
• Other special events ( a call or note will come home to alert families)
• Scouting meeting days – scouts may wear their scout uniform

Azalea T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold through our PTA. Order forms are available in the front office.
Academics + Attitude + Attendance = Achievement at Azalea Elementary”
We dress for success at Azalea Elementary!
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