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Azalea Elementary School   Home of The Eagles

Welcome to Azalea Elementary
Azalea Elementary School (AES), founded in 1954, is a public, nonprofit school in the Pinellas County School District (PCSD), a governmental organization. AES is nestled in a neighborhood in St. Petersburg. The school was originally designed for 9 classrooms, but has grown steadily to now house 40+ classrooms with our latest addition that was completed in August of 2010. AES services approximately 640 students in grades Pre-kindergarten through fifth with approximately 56% of the students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Azalea has a 3/4 and 4/5 blended PreK; 5 ASD Prek 3-5,K-1. 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5. 6 Kindergarten, first, and second grade classes, 5 third grade classes,4 fourth and fifth grade classrooms, 1 full time Gifted teacher 2 and 1/2 units of speech/language and 2 units of varying Exceptionalities resource teachers.
AES also has a full time behavior specialist, a social worker 4 days a week, a psychologist, and an educational diagnostician.

Deborah Caven- Principal,
Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from USF -May 2004
Certification in EH-1991 USF
Bachelor of Science in areas of Special Education and Elementary Education-Northern Illinois University -1977
Mrs. Caven worked for 10 years teaching Self- Contained Emotionally Handicapped students from grades 1-5, who had behavioral and academic challenges. The diversity in the classroom ranged from Autistic, Hearing Impaired, Learning Disabled, and Asbergers. The 11th year consisted of teaching a full inclusion class of 5 EBD students and 17 general education students. Mrs. Caven then became a 5th grade general education teacher. During her 7 years of teaching 5th grade, her class included a variety of handicapped children. Along with the Autistic, Aspergers, SLD, EBD, and physically handicapped students, she also worked with struggling students who were not identified for an exceptional student education program. Mrs. Caven was then promoted to Assistant Principal at Azalea Elementary in 2006. Mrs. Caven became Principal at Azalea Elementary in August of 2011.

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